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Youpin Baking Molds Silicone Cake Mould Set Cute Muffin Cup Reusable Baking Mold Kitchen Pastry Tools Bakeware (Set)

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Muffin cup silicone cake mold

• Can be steamed or baked, DIY cake is essential. Safe and tasteless, Easy demoulding, Reusable use.

A set of 6, enjoy baking fun.

A set of 6 Cake cups, reusable, DIY cake with family, full of happiness.


• Instead of disposable paper cups. Flexible silica gel, stable shape, thick and durable, long service life, can replace the traditional cake cup, reuse, practical and environmental protection.

Safe and tasteless

• Safe to use. Using high-quality food grade silica gel, it is non-toxic and harmless high-quality baking material, can directly contact food, even if baking at high temperature will not release toxic substances, safe and stable performance, can be used at ease.

High temperature resistance

• It can be baked in the oven. The mold has a wide temperature range and strong thermal conductivity. The temperature range is between - 60 ℃ and 220 ℃. It can be used in a variety of cake making occasions. It is smoke-free and odorless when baking at high temperature.

It can be demoulded by pressing.

• Even the novice is not easy to make mistakes. The texture is soft and smooth. When the cake is completely cooled, press the bottom of the mold with your finger to demould easily. The novice can also control it, and the operation is simple.

Waterproof and dust free

• It's easy to clean. Silica gel is waterproof, and it is not easy to take off when it is stained with water. When it is stacked and stored at ordinary times, the mold will not adhere to each other. It is convenient to take and place, and the inside of the mold is smooth and free from dust, and the cleaning is simple and effortless.

Small and exquisite

• Fresh and lovely colors. Small soft shell, with fresh and lovely green, looks very good, easy to fall into the temptation of dessert world.

Detail analysis

• Flexible silicone, It is not easy to deform. • Concave convex texture, exquisite workmanship. • Although small in size, it has a large capacity.

How to Use:

1. Put a layer of vegetable oil or butter on the inner layer of silica gel cup. 2. Preheat the oven according to the cake recipe. 3. Put the silica gel cup into the baking pan. 4. Put the baking tray into the oven and start baking the cake. 5. After baking, put on gloves and take out the baking tray. 6. After the cake is cooled, decorate it with ice cream, preserved fruit and other foods you like. *Note: Although the silica gel cup cools quickly, it is still very hot when it is just taken out of the oven.

Basic parameters

Product Name: muffin cup silicone cake mold (6 Pcs) Product model: KT532 Product color: Green Product specification: 70 * 30 (mm) Product capacity: 70ml Product material: silica gel Weight: 7g Executive standard: Q/JJ4419179-2020 *As the size data are manual measurement, there will be a small deviation, the above size data is subject to the real object.