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Youpin 90' Mini Sealing Machine Household Heat Sealer Electric Food Bags Capper For Crisps, Nut, Seasoning Bag Kitchen Gadgets

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90 'portable mini sealing machine

• Pull and press, lock the fresh. Hot melt sealing, anti scald, both sealing and opening, anti misoperation safety lock.

Self made sealing bag

• Good helper for traveling and picnics. Potato chips, nuts and biscuits of didn't eat are often affected by moisture because they are not sealed. If the bag is gently scratched with a sealing machine, it can be perfectly sealed, moisture-proof, mildew proof and fresh-keeping, and it can be in place in one step.

High efficiency thermal resistance technology

• Sliding seal, keep food fresh at any time. The electric heating wire will melt the plastic after heating, so as to achieve the effect of sealing. Aim at the opening, stay for a few seconds, gently pull to seal storage. *Utility model patent, Patent No. ZL 201621096531.6

Common plastic packaging

• Everything can be sealed. It is suitable for film coated aluminum foil bags, polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC packaging bags, such as potato chips bags, melon seeds bags, nut bags, etc. *When sealing thick bags, the speed of hand pulling can be moderately slowed down. *This product is not suitable for pure paper bags and oily (liquid) extra thick aluminum foil bags.

Hidden heating wire

• Prevent finger scald. The heating wire is hidden inside the opening, and it is not easy for adults to touch the high-temperature sealing place in the process of using, so as to prevent scalding. *It is recommended to keep it out of the reach of children to avoid accidental injury.

Sealing and opening bags

• Twist and scratch, open the bag quickly. Turn the button clockwise to "-" and press it gently to open the snack bag, condiment bag and other packaging bags.

Small and portable, it can be held by one hand.

• You can stuff it in your bag, in your pocket. Pure and fresh color, small and easy to carry volume, don't take up space at home, when on business or outing, you can also pack it into your bag or pocket. *Design patent No.: ZL 20173011778.5

Detail design, everywhere attentive.

• Magnet at the bottom It can be adsorbed in refrigerator. • Tail lifting rope Easy to hang and store.

Product parameter

Product name: 90' portable mini sealing machine Product material: ABS plastic, silica gel, copper, nickel, ceramic Product size: 110*48*56mm Product color: White, Green Rated voltage: DC 3V Battery: AA battery*2 Executive standard: GB4706.1-2005

Safety lock

• Rotate to the designated area to power off. The knob leaves the "+" area to power off. Cannot be pressed when locked. Prevents the knob from being squeezed while in the bag, or accidentally pressed by a child. *After using the bag sealing function, please use the knob to cut off the power in time to avoid damage to the machine due to high temperature.


- The product uses Alkaline AA batteries* 2, which are not supplied
- This product belongs to Xiaomi ecological chain and is sold in Youpin mall under Xiaomi.
- There is no "Mi" logo on the product and outer package.