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Kitchen Gadgets Sausage Mould DIY BPA-Free Silicone Food Mold Baby Food Maker Heat Resistant Baking Tools For kitchen (Green)

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Silicone sausage mold

• It's easy to make sausages of different flavors. Food grade silicone, easy to remove sausage, high temperature resistant.

Make your own delicious sausages.

• Make your own sausage without worrying about the various additives in the sausage. It's healthier whether you give it to your baby or eat it yourself.

Food contact grade silicone, safe and reliable.

• Choose food contact grade silicone, safe and healthy material. Non-toxic and tasteless, chemically stable, BPA-free, so you can eat every bite at ease.

Easily remove the sausage

• Just a gentle push. Excellent elasticity and smooth surface, comes off on the mold with a gentle push, smooth and non-stick, the sausage is not easy to break.

Good resistance to high and low temperatures.

• It does not become fragile at low temperatures and does not melt at high temperatures. Temperature range -20 ℃ -220 ℃, even if placed in low temperature or contact with high temperature environment, will not be deformed, damage, can be used to steam and boil, can be baked.

Vented small holes for easy exhaust.

The silicone top cover is designed with ventilation holes to allow air to breathe when steaming or baking to make the sausage more delicious and ensure the taste of the sausage.

One-piece molding

• No dead space when cleaning. Fewer surface grooves, easier to clean, rinsing with water becomes clean, dirt will not be hidden.

Raised handle design

Convenient to lift the cover when you are wearing insulated gloves, practical and beautiful.

Basic parameters

Product name: silicone sausage mould Product color: green Product specifications: 175*140*35 (mm) Product material: food grade silicone