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Xiaomi Colorful Glass Kettle 1100ml Water Bottle Household Transparent Jug Juice Milk Drinks Pot Kitchen Container Drinkware Set

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• The kettle is made of high borosilicate glass and can withstand the temperature difference of 120 ℃. It has stronger fracture resistance than ordinary glass. • High borosilicate glass has good thermal conductivity. Please do not touch the glass directly when pouring hot water. • When the liquid in the cup is higher than 65 ℃, please open the cup cover to dissipate heat before opening, otherwise it is easy to splash.

Suspended glass kettle / cup

• Creative modeling, minimalist design, multi color options. • Anti scalding and anti slip. • 360 ° outlet water. • Dust proof and easy to wash.

Beautiful and practical

• Simple type is good-looking, Compound type is easy to use. Simple geometric lines constitute the pot body, and remove the visual complexity of the handle. The design of the lid integrates the functions of diversion, filtration and dust separation, which is suitable for holding boiled water, lemonade and other drinks.

Nordic design style

• Take care of different drinking habits. Use the non-slip silicone cup sleeve instead of handle to keep the minimalist design and the function of the handle. It can store cold and hot water freely. Also suitable for those who are used to leaving boiling water to cool before drinking.

Artistic aesthetics of "Floating design"

Using transparent glass as the background, the colored glass is spliced into the upper part of the bottle and the built-in part of the glass to create a suspended half-empty visual. The feeling is extremely artistic and beautiful.

"Suspension design" of practical function

The water cup is made of two-color glass and designed into a double-layer hollow shape, which can effectively heat-insulating and prevent scalding. The built-in cup bottom of spherical surface can be easily cleaned without leaving stains.

Splicing process, balancing industry and art.

Two color stitching process, used to only be used on a small number of customized. The factory we chose has cooperated with famous designer Tom Dixon before. We adjusted and researched together, successfully balanced the cost and effect, and produced this set of kettle, which is more price-quality ratio.

Environmentally friendly pulp packaging

• Material from bagasse. Using degradable pulp material to make packaging, about 65% of the raw material of pulp is from bagasse, which is a more economical and environmental protection recycling, and the stackable characteristics can effectively reduce transportation energy consumption and realize environmental protection.

More ways to play

• Waiting for you to explore. When they become photography props, the way life looks instantly interesting.

Strict details, for better experience.

• Kettle lid The lid of the kettle with handle is easy to extract and can isolate dust; the concave convex vertical lines can guide and filter, and the water can be poured 360 ° smoothly without lifting the cover. • Kettle cover Food grade silicone cover material, anti scalding and anti slip.

Product parameters

Product name: Suspended Glass Kettle Product model: GC-U11WF Product capacity: 1100ml/37oz Product size: 245*109*109mm Product weight: 384g Inner diameter of spout: 76mm Pot material: silicone rubber Body material: high borosilicate glass Place of Origin: Hebei, China Manufacturer: Hangzhou Kiss Kiss Fish Technology Co., Ltd.

Product name: KISS KISS FISH Suspended Glass Water Cup Product model: GC-U23W Product capacity: 230ml/8oz Product size: 103*74*74mm Product weight: 173g Cup inner diameter: 61mm Cup body material: high borosilicate glass


- This product belongs to Xiaomi ecological chain and is sold in Youpin mall under Xiaomi.
- There is no "Mi" logo on the product and outer package.