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Ultrasonic Vegetable Fruit Washer Jewelry Watches Dental Cleaning Sterilizer Ozone Sterilization Sterilize Machine Household Vegetable Pesticide Detoxification

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Description :

Ultrasonic Vegetable Fruit Washer Jewelry Watches Dental Cleaning Sterilizer Ozone Sterilization Sterilize  Machine Household Vegetable Pesticide Detoxification.

*Fruit and vegetable food purifier:
Eliminate pesticide residues,remove harmful substances, clenbuterol hydrochloride.

*Intelligent cleaning, no need to watch, no need to drain:

With one easy press, each function has its own self-cleaning time to free your hands.

*9L large capacity, cleaner purification:
You can clean up a lot of food in one sitting,It doesn't need to be cleaned multiple times.

*New Technology, split-combination dual-use, human-oriented design:
Convenient purification, no need to carry the basket, purification directly pour to the clean basket, split can directly put the oxidation ball into other capacity can be purified.

*Microcomputer control panel:
Easy touch control, LED display function at a glance, easy to press, self-cleaning release your hands.

1. with everything necessary to remove odors, destruction bacteria and mildew, even for drinking water purification.
2. Wide of use, dissolves and eliminates pesticide on the surface of fruits and vegetables, as well as kills the bacteria, skin and, deodorizing and bleaching, brushing, beriberi therapeutic care.
3. while making the air clean in the without the tube.
4. A simple LED display to make it very easy to use the desired settings.
5. Multiple operation modes: detachable case, easy to use

Specification :

Material  ABS
Weight  4000g
Size  26*26*35cm/10.2*10.2*13.8in
Voltage/frequency AC220V/50Hz

Package Includes :

1x Fruit &  vegetables Disinfector