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Mega Stainless Steel All-In-One Versatile Organizer

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Description :  

Stainless Steel All-In-One Versatile Organizer Dishes Rack for Kitchen Storage Tool

Feature : 

Kitchen Organization

- Organization is an important factor to help keep the kitchen clean and tidy. 

- With the Dish Rack, we are able to provide efficient organization in dishes, utensils, pots, cups, etc. 

- The Dish Rack can give families a spacious and hygienic environment to store their daily kitchenware. 

- The adjustable height and width and1/ 2-tier design give families lots of space to store their kitchenware in compact spaces.

Stability & Durability

- The Disk Rack is made out of Premium Stainless Steel that is designed to prevent solids, rusting, and corrosion. 

- The Stainless Steel Frames are stable and durable and created to hold up to 30kg. 

- The 4 rubber covered legs not only help keep the rack stable, but also protects countertops and sinks.

Flexibility & Modern Design

- This Disk Rack is designed to be very compact. Not only is it very compact, but also multifunctional where it can help families perform                 various functions at an efficient rate. 

- Adjustable length allows the Dish Rack to be stored at any place. 

- The draining tray is designed with a beautiful polish that will help repel water keeping dishes dry.

All-In-One Versatile Organizer

- The dish rack is a 2 tier rack that can store various sizes of utensils, dishes, pots, chopping boards, and cup; can hold up to 35 plates or               bowls. 

- It includes multifunctional cutting board rack and compartment trays. 

- The flat design of the bottom tier can accommodate different glassware and tableware like saucers, cups, bowls and others.

Specification :

Kitchen Storage
304 Stainless Steel
Color Black

65cm1 Layer: 65x30x52cm(25.6"x11.8"x20.5")

65cm2 Layer:  65x30x83cm(25.6"x11.8"x32.7")

85cm1 Layer:  85x30x52cm(33.5"x11.8"x20.5")

85cm2 Layer:  85x30x83cm(33.5"x11.8"x32.7")


65cm1 Layer: 4343g

65cm2 Layer: 5682g

85cm1 Layer: 4842g

85cm2 Layer: 5832g

Package Included : 

1 x Kitchen Storage