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Spice Herb Pepper Grinder Wooden Cruet Mill Condiment Grinding Salt Smashing Tools

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Description :

>> Colors Available: Light Brown
>> Length Available: 5inch/8inch
>> Manual Grinder, healthy way of grinding spices and seeds !
>> Spice grinder (pepper mill) with a short handle, detachable ornate holder and sliding pour hole. Also you can arrange the grind size with the screw on top !
>> With corrugated rollers Turkish hand mills produce a more even grind size distribution. Complete metal mills are used to grind pepper, salt and spicery like peppercorn, cardamom, coriander. So you can use it as cardamom grinder or coriander grinder.
>> This decorative spice grinder will be a wonderful addition to display in your kitchen and home decor.

About Grinding Spice
You can use this grinder as; Pepper Mill, Salt Grinder, Spice Grinder, Seed Grinder. It can grind almost every spieces and herbs.

About Grinding Coffee
This grinder is designed for grinding Turkish Coffee, which is made of Mocca Yemen, Brasilian, Bolivian size coffee beans. Please don't try to grind big Mexican or Quatemalan coffee beans.

Package Included:

1 x Manual Grinder