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Portable Manual Juicer Cup Fruit Blender Convenient Lemon Squeezer Bidirectional Orange Watermelon Press Juice Kitchen Tools

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Manual juicer

Twist and press Enjoy the fresh juice.

Designers say

• Compared with the manual Juicer which can only be used in one way on the market, the two-way design can obviously meet the diversity of life needs. • More than just lemon and citrus juices, it can customize your other juicing needs.

Two way squeeze, two uses.

It can hold about 450 ml of juice.

Front juicing

*Recommended oranges / tangerine, lemon, grapefruit, kiwi* 1. Cut the orange in half. 2. Put half the oranges on the blade. 3. Close the cover, rotate down and squeeze. 4. Pour out the orange juice.

Reverse juicing

*Recommend watermelon, pineapple, pomegranate, mango, strawberry, etc 1. Peel and cut watermelon. 2. Put the watermelon into the reverse groove. 3. Use the extruder to rotate down and squeeze. 4. Pour out the juice.

High juice yield

Give you fresh juice. • The pulp groove with 12 edges, the fruit is evenly divided and squeezed clean. • The proper filter hole can mix a little pulp, and the taste is more abundant.

Lazy way of washing

• No cumbersome inner groove and accessories, • It only needs to be rinsed to be clean, time-saving and labor-saving.

It weighs only 218g and is portable.

• 218g is about the weight of four ordinary eggs. • Go to work or travel, take it with you, and enjoy fresh juice anytime, anywhere.

Children can also enjoy the juicing process

• Pure manual, no metal blade. • No power supply, no safety hazard.

Food grade safety material

Use it with confidence.

Detail display

• Big opening, smoother pouring out. • 12 pin fixed slot, fixed fruit does not run around. • Edge design, increase friction, not easy to slide. • Fine screen, better filtration. • Silicone pad at the bottom, antiskid and dirt resistant.


Name: Manual juicing cup Weight: 218g Capacity: 450ml Material: PP Color: Pink / White / blue Size: 13 * 9cm