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Original Xiaomi Mijia Electric Blender Mixer Portable Juicer Rechargeable Fruit And Vegetable Blender Miniature Food Processor (White)

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Mijia portable Juicer


Selling Point

-Cup size, easy to put in the bag. -Can squeeze out 15 cups juice, 2 hours of fast charging. -Press twice to clean automatically. -Food grade steel blades. -U.S.A Tritan safety material. -After the cup and the base are separated, the power is cut off automatically, which is safer.

Thermos cup size, wireless portable.

Anytime and anywhere to drink juice. 350ml full vitamin C Drink it all at once, fresh at any time, the size of a standard coffee cup. Can squeeze juice 15 cups, super long endurance. Home, fitness, travel, drink at any time. 2 hours safe and fast charging, supporting mobile power supply and car charger charging.

Press twice in a row to make fruit juice.

Supplement with natural vitamins. Pure fruit juice, mixed fruit and vegetable juice, cocktail, milk tea, ready to drink, ready to become beautiful.


Powerful performance, 4-blade food grade fine steel blade, high-speed motor. - Fine grinding High speed motor, strong power. - Stir well Super frequency, 3D, three-dimensional grinding, multi angle and high frequency mixing of food materials. - Cup wall disturbed flow design Accelerate the rotation impact of ingredients, so that the pulp and blade contact more fully.

More Safety

More safety, food grade material, multiple safety protection. New generation of copolyester, Tritan safety material cup body of the United States. Safe use, after the cup and the base are separated, the power will be cut off automatically. Multiple safety protection, calmly respond to all kinds of juicing needs. - Motor overcurrent protection - Locked rotor current protection - Battery overcharge protection - Over temperature protection

Packing list

Juicer * 1, USB charging cable * 1, instruction manual * 1.

Indicator status description

In normal operation: White keeps on. Juice cup tightened: White flash once. Juice cup spins out: Orange flashes once. Low battery during work: White breathing flashes. Working charging: White keeps on. Shutdown and charging: white breathing flashes Charging completed: the indicator light is off Error: orange flashes twice