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Kitchen Scales Electronic Digital Scale High Precision Food Weigh Balance With Tray ABS Eco-Friendly Material Baking Tool (White)

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• The functions of the two buttons are: switching unit mode and setting zero. • When the "L0" icon is displayed on the LCD screen, it is a low power reminder. Please replace the battery in time.


What is "Zeroing / net weight"?

1. After the machine is started, the display screen zeroing, put the ingredient a on the vessel, and the weight of ingredient a will be displayed at this time. 2. After weighing, it is not necessary to take out the ingredient A. please press the right button to return to zero and continue to put the weight of ingredient B on the vessel. 3. By analogy, continue to weigh the C / D of food materials, without taking out the A / b of food materials.

Get the net weight easily

• Many kinds of food materials are weighed together, which is convenient and fast without weighing separately. 1. Put the tray and turn on the machine. 2. Press the right key to set zero. 3. Put something to weigh.

Multi unit conversion

Meet different unit weighing.

Press the left button to switch.

-Weighing mode -Weighing water mode -Weighing milk mode

• Ultrathin fuselage, easy storage, no space occupation. 11mm slim body, light and portable, convenient storage. • ABS material, health and environmental protection. Food grade material, can be in direct contact with food. • Intelligent touch button Touch the button, high sensitivity, convenient and fast. • Accurate to 1g, high precision Adopt high precision sensor technology to meet your weighing needs.

Product parameters

Product model: EK9643K Product size: 21cm × 16cm Sensor: single-point high-precision sensor Display accuracy: 1g Weighing range: 2g-5kg Battery used: Two 1.5V AAA batteries


- The product uses Alkaline AAA batteries* 2, which are not supplied
- This product belongs to Xiaomi ecological chain and is sold in Youpin mall under Xiaomi.
- There is no "Mi" logo on the product and outer package.