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Kitchen Mechanical Timer Manual Egg Timer Baking Timing Device Time Management Planning Tools With Timescale Kitchen Gadgets

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Product introduction

• This is a timer, which can be used as a Kitchen Baking timer to prevent the baking time from exceeding the specified time; it can also be used as a time management tool to plan the time; or it can be used for children to learn and do homework to cultivate the concept of time, • Simple operation, children and the elderly can easily master the use method. • Accurate scale, grasp the time. • Mechanical rotation, without battery, economical and practical. • The alarm sounds up to 80 decibels and can be heard in the distance.

Time reminder

A good helper of time management planning.

Setting Description

• Take timing 5 minutes as an example. 1. At the beginning, the arrow points to 0. 2. Turn clockwise to 55. 3. Turn it back to 5 anticlockwise. When the timer reaches 0 scale, the timer will sound automatically.


• The time manager is a pure mechanical design, without adding or replacing batteries. • When rotating to provide power, please rotate clockwise, not counter clockwise. • Turn clockwise to above the "55" scale (do not exceed the "0" scale) and then to the required time scale.

Maintenance and service

1. When rotating to the end, please do not use too much force to avoid damaging the built-in movement. 2. When the timer is working, please do not rotate it repeatedly to avoid damaging the movement. 3. The timer shell is made of stainless steel, please do not throw, smash, etc., which is easy to cause damage.