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HUOHOU Kitchen Scissors Stainless Steel Flexible Rust Prevention Fruits Meats Scissors From Xiaomi Youpin

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Description :

XIAOMI Mijia HUOHOU Kitchen Scissors Stainless Steel Flexible Rust Prevention Scissors Knife For Fruits/Meats

- HUOHOU titanium-plated kitchen scissors, upgraded German industrial design, blending the concept of simplicity.
Wide range of uses, easy to handle ingredients.
- Made with German modern technology, through the repeated tempering of 32 processes to form a good scissors that can be used continuously. 
- XIAOMI HUOHOU scissors selects 3 chrome steel as raw material.
- With single-edge cutting technology, Cutting chicken bones, shaving fish belly, cutting vegetables, etc. can be easily handled.

- Titanium plating is a vacuum ion plating film. Titanium plating can greatly increase the hardness, and it is easy to cut meat and cut bones.
- According to the scissor handle ergonomic design, the action points are evenly distributed, 
making it more conformable to the hand surface, the edge is smooth and the hand is not cut, and the grip is comfortable.
-  The edge details are finely ground, round and smooth, and when it comes to heavy food, 
it is flexible to play the role of lever, showing powerful power and handling food easily.
Automatic Locking Screw Installation, make sure that each pair of scissors is assembled with the same strength and more flexible cutting

Specification :

Material  Handle : 430 Stainless Steel
Scissor : 30Cr13 Stainless Steel
Color  Balck
Weight  154g
Size  21 x 9cm

Package Includes :

1 x XIAOMI Mijia HUOHOU Kitchen Scissor