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Honeywell JQJCY01YM Formaldehyde Monitor Mijia APP bluetooth OLED Formaldehyde Over Standard Monitor Home Safe Gas Detector From Xiaomi Youpin

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XIAOMI Honeywell JQJCY01YM Formaldehyde Monitor Mijia APP bluetooth OLED Formaldehyde Over Standard Monitor

Electrochemical Sensor | Long-term Trend Tracking | Formaldehyde Over-standard Display | Long Standby

Specification :

Brand  Honeywell( XIAOMI Cooperation Brand ) 
Material  Low Volatile Materials / Water Based Ink Printing
Color  Black
Weight  90g
Size  72 x 72 x 39 mm
Product Parameters
Display  OLED 
Formaldehyde Over Standard Display YES
Wireless Connection
bluetooth 4.2
CMIIT ID 2018DP5390
Reading Resolution
Data Storage
1.5 Months
Power Supply 2 x AA Batteries
Working Temperature 0-40℃
Working Humidity
15%-90% RH
Working Environment  
A Standard Atmospheric Pressure

- Advanced Core Gas Sensing Technology
High-performance electrochemical sensor with Honeywell fully automated production line, equipped with super denoising circuit and hybrid algorithm to obtain formaldehyde concentration monitoring level of PPB resolution in real environment

-Strict Product Quality Standards 
The monitor has passed the factory calibration test of formaldehyde standard gas, which guarantees the quality and improves the reliability of the function. 

-Long-term Record, Tracking Formaldehyde Concentration Trend 
The monitor can be used independently to display real-time concentration, and can also record 1.5 months of formaldehyde concentration historical data offline. Based on continuous monitoring sampling, the overall formaldehyde concentration trend of the measured environment is presented.

- bluetooth Connection For Stable Data Transfer

The monitor has built-in bluetooth 4.2 module, uploading data to the cloud through Mijia APP or gateway, and can track the trend of formaldehyde concentration in the day, month and year for a long time.
- Formaldehyde Over Standard Display
When the monitoring environment formaldehyde concentration exceeds the standard, the monitor readings rise, the indicator light is red, and the APP end also displays the interface with the formaldehyde concentration exceeding the standard, avoiding the harm of formaldehyde.


Package Includes :

1 x 
Formaldehyde Monitor