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Geometric Water Jug Water Pitcher Large Capacity Jugs Modern Design Thermos Kettle Insulated Bottle Tea Pot Kitchen Container

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Product introduction

• The designer combines the geometry daily necessities to produce this unique water bottle. • Succinct modeling and gorgeous color matching won the red dot award, which can also bring you different experience. • The sharp design of water outlet makes the water flow slow when pouring. • Equipped with control button to avoid injury caused by misoperation. •Double layer stainless steel liner, which can keep heat for a long time. • Anti slip washer at the bottom makes it more stable and safe.

Geometry and color collide

To create a new style. NATO style, simple life.

• Geometric thermos - Pink

Frigga's pink is matched with the same color system, breaking through the monotonous range, showing rich layers, more simple and fashionable.

• Geometric thermos - Rose Red

Elegant and bright colors, but also reveals the implicit beauty, gorgeous and elegant. It matches the same color and similar bright color, which is a warm and lively effect.

• Geometric thermos - khaki & Black

Steady black with elegant khaki, breaking through the monotony of black; appears rich in layers, more fashionable and simple.

• Geometric thermos - GREY & Black

The combination of simple and restrained colors reflects a quiet and stable feeling.

• Geometric thermos - Romantic Purple

Purple dream is full of romance and dream, which makes people aftertaste; it also symbolizes noble color, with melancholy and charming color, which can't be forgotten.

• Show your personality with geometric lines.

Designers use sculpture to integrate rectangle, circle and triangle into the design.

• Pointed water outlet, It doesn't spill when pouring water

The water outlet adopts a unique Pointed design. When pouring hot water, the water will slowly pour into the cup to reduce the risk of hot water spilling.

• With control button, it is safer.

Press the button, the water can come out of the kettle; press the button again to automatically spring up, reducing the risk of misoperation.

• Double layer stainless steel, Long time heat preservation.

After CNAS testing, the kettle has a good heat preservation effect. It can be used to maintain the temperature after freezing in summer, and it can be used for heat preservation in winter. The stainless steel liner can hold not only water, but also iced juice, coffee or milk.

• 12 hours holding temperature

Pour in hot water in the morning, and you can still feel the temperature in the evening.

• Stable base, not easy to dump.

Excellent shape design can reduce the center of gravity of the kettle when it is placed, and the bottom is equipped with anti-skid washer, which is more difficult to dump.

• Soft colors make your home warm.

It is suitable for all kinds of home environment. Various color matching is full of artistic atmosphere and brings more choices.

Before Use and Usage Instructions:

* After receiving the goods, please clean the inside of the kettle first, so that the taste can be removed. Remove the taste with Warm water Pour warm water below 80°C into the cup, shake it for 1-3 minutes and then clean the cup (it is forbidden to pour boiling water, TRITAN material is resistant to high temperature below 80°C, boiling water is likely to cause deformation of the cup) Remove the taste with Milk First clean the inside of the cup with detergent, pour two spoons of fresh milk into the cup, tighten the lid and shake it evenly for one minute, then clean the cup. Remove the taste with Orange peel First clean the inside of the cup with detergent, put the fresh orange peel into the water in the cup, close the lid, put Leave it for 3-4 hours and then clean it. Remove the taste with Tea First clean the inside of the cup with detergent, put in tea water, close the lid, and leave it clean for half an hour.