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Fits for 5.3-6.8QT 9Pcs 9'' Non-stick Air Fryer Accessories Baking Cooking Pan (Black)

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Description :

Fits for 5.3-6.8QT 9Pcs 9'' Non-stick Air Fryer Accessories Baking Cooking Pan 

✔Easy to use and safe / High quality and durable / Cooking become more convenient and effective!
✔Cake Barrel: Make a delicious cake here, convenience and easy maneuverability.
✔Pizza Pan: Make a pizza, pancakes and whatever biscuit you like.
✔Silicone Mat: Provide you with a heat-resistant surface to place your hot accessories on.
✔Metal Holder: Allow for the second layer of food, maximizing your cooking surface.Can be used for steaming fish, chicken and other food.
✔Egg Bites Mold: Excellent for making egg bites, baby food, brownies, jelly, ice cube, etc. Use for refrigerator, pot, microwave oven, etc.
✔Skewer Rack: Perfect for vegetable and meat shish kabobs.
✔Bread Shell: The bread to be baked is sliced, placed on a shelf, and baked in a hot air circulation fryer.
✔Food Tong: Easy to pick up hot food and it's not easy to fall off.
✔Dish Plate Clip: Great for taking a very hot dish plate or bowl from air fryer.

Specification :

Material  Silicone, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
Color  Black
Weight  About 1300g
Suitable Fits for 5.3-6.8QT Air Fryer
Uses Barbecue, Baking, Cooking

Package Includes :

1 x Cake Barrel: 215×215×75mm / 8.5×8.5×3"
1 x Pizza Pan: 220×220×25mm / 9×9×1"
1 x Silicone Mat: 180×180×5mm / 7×7×0.2"
1 x Holder: 225×225×35mm / 9×9×1.4"
1 x Egg Bites Mold: 160×160×40mm (6.3×6.3×1.6")
1 x Skewer Rack(With 5 Skewer): 220×220×70mm / 9×9×2.8"
1 x Bread Shell: 92×148×55mm / 3.6×5.8×2.2"
1 x Food Tong: 40×250mm / 1.6×9.8"
1 x Dish Plate Clip: 80×180mm / 3×7"