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Bluefish JL-6500 Aquarium Water Pump DC 24V Submersible Brushless Pump For Pond Fish Fountain Garden House Water Hydroponic

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Description :

Bluefish JL-6500 Aquarium Water Pump DC 24V Submersible Brushless Pump For Pond Fish Fountain Garden House Water Hydroponic

1. Three modes : Constant flow speeding regulation mode,edge water wave making mode,feeding mode.
2.The genuine low-voltage brushless DC variable frequency control technology,adopt the most advanced 6 sensorless three-phase intelligent driving,by adjusting PWM to change the pump speed and power,soft start,safty and reliable,long span, low noisy.
3.10 gear frequency speeding,controlling pump body separated completely,the maximum power can reach to 100W,max flow rate is 12000L/H,max lift is 5M,single pump use multi size fish tank.
4.Ceramic core,carbon brazing shaft sleeve,gurantee the long service life of water pump.
5.Mini volume large power,Low-voltage DC 24V,Safty and reliable,High efficiency.
6.The water pump power adapter is wide voltage input(AC100~240V 50/60 Hz), which can be suitable for a variety of power grids, and can avoid the influence of voltage fluctuation on wave making.
7.Suitable for fresh water and sea water.

Features :

Model Bluefish JL-6500 Water Pump
Flow 6500L/H
Lift 6M
Power 75W
Size 171 x 84 x 155 mm
Capacity 1000-1200L
Voltage 24V
Gear description Start and Stop button(Start or Stop the function of pump)
Gear Speed Button(Enhance the speed function of pump)
Gear Deceleration Button(increase and decrease speed)
Feeding Buttong(The pump runs at minimum speed while it ruturn to normal run after 15 minutes )

Package Includes :

1 x Bluefish JL-6500 Submersible Water Pump
1 x Pump Controller
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Power Line

Instruction :
Item Notice
Operation instructions :
1.Anhydrous power : when the water pump is in the anhydrous state, the power supply is connected, and the water pump is raised to the highest speed. The water pump is enter a low speed rotating state, that is anhydrous protection state setted . This situation in the water environment after the operation, if the detection of water shortage, the water pump is also transferred from the load to the state of anhydrous protection, both low speed rotating state!

2.Water to electrify : when the water pump is in the water state, turn on the power supply, the pump will be in the maximum speed state, at this time, you need to use the acceleration and deceleration function button to adjust to the required flow and lift.

3.Power failure memory function : according to the set required for optimum flow and lift to step 2 after adjustment, such as 5 gear, press the start and stop button, the pump to stop running, such as lights have been extinguished, again press the start and stop button to start the pump, the pump into the memory state, if in the process of using electricity, etc. call the water pump to start running will run directly into the adjusting gear (gear 5)

4.Feeding function setting : While feeding, press the start and stop button, the pump immediately into the stop operation, the lights will be extinguished at this time, 15 minutes after the water pump to resume its normal working state.
1.Please do not connect the pump to any power beyond the rated voltage.

2.Please do not run the pump in flammable liquid.

3.Maximum operating water depth shall not exceed 1.5 meters.

4.Please don't use it for more than 35 Celsius.

5.The maximum lift parameters is 3.5M.

6.Avoid electric shock. Please don't put the plug into water or other liquid.
Installation instructions :
1.Packaging products : submersible pump, intelligent controller, filter cover, adapter, adapter (2 Pieces), mat, O-ring.

2.The filter cover and adapter are installed in the inlet and outlet of water pump, the water pump is not placed under the water before does not rotate it please, usually put the pump into the water, and then connected to the power supply. When the initial operation, the water pump may not pumping, because the pump has air inside, firstly you can disconnect the power supply, and then repeatedly connected to the power several times, the pump can run properly.
1.Please disconnect the power supply before operation.

2.Anhydrous is required to ensure the performance of the product.

3.The installation position of the control box should be waterproof and waterproof to the control box

4.Please don't open control box and power adapter to avoid broken.
Maintenace :
When washing the water pump, clean the stolen goods in water. If the water pump doesn't work properly, please check it as follows :

1.Check whether the circuit is disconnected or not,ensure that the pump is connected to the power supply.Notice: do not to switch on the power before operation.

2.Check whether pump’s outlet and water pipe is spoils or not.

3.Check intake to ensure inlet is not blocked by spoils.

4.Check the inner cavity of the water blade rotor and turn the water blade rotor to ensure that the rotor is not broken or stuck.

5.Regular monthly inspection will increase the service life of the pump.
1.Pump shaft can not be removed

2.Intelligent control box and the power to do waterproof measures, at the same time, do not touch water, ensure that the power line of the water pump is lower than the power supply socket to form a water ring, it will prevent the flow of water along the power line into the power socket.