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Xiaomi Glass Teapot Set Heat Resistant Household Spherical Tea Kettle With Infuser Heatable Water Jug Tea Tools Bar Supplies

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• The kettle is made of high borosilicate glass and can withstand the temperature difference of 120 ℃. It has stronger fracture resistance than ordinary glass. • High borosilicate glass has good thermal conductivity. Please do not touch the glass directly when pouring hot water. • When the liquid in the cup is higher than 65 ℃, please open the cup cover to dissipate heat before opening, otherwise it is easy to splash.

Radius teapot

1 Pot, 2 Cups Jazz up the way you drink Separation of tea and water, Easy matching , Multicolor combination • Interesting ball shape • Cold and heat resistant • One pot for many uses

Fun radius circle, easy to make a cup of tea

• "A radius draws a semicircle": the lid, the tea funnel and the body of the pot to make a 3D hemisphere, the colored lid and the tea funnel Just enough to form a cylinder suspended in mid-air and interesting. The tea and water can be separated in a single container, making the ceremonial sense more relaxed.

Minimalist design, but no lack of function

The handle is replaced by the anti scalding and anti slip silicone cup cover, which can keep the simple shape of northern Europe and has the function of handle. It can store cold and hot water freely. It is also suitable for people who are used to cooling the boiling water for drinking.

Reduces pressure when brewing tea

The hemispherical lid is designed to fit the curved palm of the hand when lifting the lid, which can be stably controlled by one hand; the silicone ring can firmly lock the lid, invert 180 ° without worrying about falling off; the tea leakage is spherical bottom, easy to clean, without leaving tea stains, and every detail is trying to reduce the pressure of tea brewing.

Deal with ice and fire with ease

The teapot and cup are made of high borosilicate glass. They are resistant to high temperature and sudden cooling. They are not afraid of instantaneous temperature difference. They can be directly heated on the electric ceramic furnace.

Impact resistant rubber ring

• That is both beautiful and functional. The silicone ring, which connects the lid, the teapot and the body of the teapot, eliminates the uneasiness caused by the collision between the glasses and protects the integrity of the design of the teapot.

Silica gel cup corresponding to teapot color

Cup with coloured silicone, matching the colour of the teapot. The heat resistant and anti-scalding feature also protects the cup and hands well.

Environmental protection pulp packaging, using bagasse

Using degradable pulp material to make packaging, about 65% of the raw material of pulp is from bagasse, recycling is more economical and environmental protection, and stackable characteristics also effectively reduce transportation energy consumption, further practice environmental protection.

Strict details, for better experience.

• Pot lid Repeated adjustment, demanding that arc as round as possible. • Silicone ring Food grade silicone rubber ring, both beautiful and anti scalding. • Tea strainer One device completes the separation of tea and water, eliminating the repeated steps of tea making. • Base Flat bottom, faster heating

Basic parameters

Product name: Radial Teapot Product model: GT-U81TS Product capacity: 800ml Product size: 179*128*155cm Product weight: 348g Inner diameter of spout: 59mm Pot material: high borosilicate glass Body material: silicone rubber Manufacturer: Hangzhou Kiss Kiss Fish Technology Co., Ltd. Product capacity: 95ml Product size: 64*64*54cm Product weight: 59g Inner diameter of spout: 52.5mm Pot material: high borosilicate glass Body material: silicone rubber


- This product belongs to Xiaomi ecological chain and is sold in Youpin mall under Xiaomi.
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