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USB Coffee Cup Rechargeable Heating Self Stirring Mixing Mug Warmer Coffee Capsule Cup

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Description :

USB Coffee Cup Rechargeable Heating Self Stirring Mixing Mug Warmer Coffee Capsule Cup 

- Made of ABS material, lightweight and not easy to rust.
- Automatic mixing function, you can get a fully mixed fragrant coffee by gently pressing the switch.
- In-set lithium battery, use portable, can recharge repeatedly.
- Built-in magnetization device, which can magnetize water and drink magnetized water for a long time, which is more beneficial to health.
- Built-in heating and insulation function, always get hot coffee suitable for drinking temperature.
- Battery indicator to keep track of the remaining battery.
- Compatible with computer hardware, any computer with a USB port is compatible with it.

Specification :

Material  ABS + Metal
Color  White / Yellow
Weight  217g
Size  64 x 64 x 152mm / 2.52" x 2.52" x 5.98" ( appr. )
Nominal Volume 150ml
Power Supply USB 
Voltage 3-5V
Power 3W
Battery 500mA Built-in Li-ion Battery
Charging Time 1 Hours Appr.
Using Time About 1-2 Hours


* Do not put inside water for clearing
* Recharge in time when battery storage is low
* Do not put with high temperature, high humidity or any place with strong sunshine.
* Do not put in environment with heavy dust or steam.
* Avoid dust or dunk drop into the cup.
* Avoid liquid permeate into the cup interior.
* Do not put in environment with strong intense magnetic.
* Avoid strong shaking and knocking.
* Do turn off the product after using.
* Do not Put in fire.
* Do not install or uninstall casually.

Package Includes :

1 x 
USB Coffee Cup 
1 x USB Cable
1 x English User Manual