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Tvird BBQ Grilling Cooking Gloves 932°F Heat Resistant Barbecue Gloves for Men Women Kitchen Protective Gloves

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Description :  

Tvird BBQ Grilling Cooking Gloves 932°F Heat Resistant Barbecue Gloves for Men Women Kitchen Protective Gloves 

Tvird glove is rated to resist up to 932 °F (500 °C), A true creation in heat protection for the microwave oven, stove top, and outdoor grill. Perfect to protect your hands for grilling, cooking, baking, or handling super hot items in the kitchen and outdoors.
The silicone coated surface makes it anti-slip, safe and stable but environmentally friendly non-toxic. The fire retardant gloves, featured in amplifying the space of the part between the thumb and index finger enabling the thumb move more comfortable and flexible, make it possible to hold all kinds of hot kitchen utensil, more convenient and durable.
Each mitt is crafted with aramid fabric, a type of high performance, heat resistant, and heavy duty synthetic known for its ability to withstand high heat and repeated use. Each Inner liner is crafted with heat resistant polyester cotton, 2 - Level system protect your hands!
Our BBQ heat resistant gloves, no right or left hand difference, fit most hands, anyone. Hang easily with inside loop. Perfect Gift ideas as Christmas gifts, Birthdays gifts for friends.

Specification :

Withstand Heat Up To 212 °F (100 °C) For 55 - 68 Seconds

Withstand Heat Up To 482 °F (250 °C) For 21 - 23 Seconds

Withstand Heat Up To 662 °F (350 °C) For 16 - 18 Seconds

Withstand Heat Up To 932 °F (500 °C) For 12 - 15 Seconds


Maximum Entrance Width: 7.8 Inch

Comfortable And Flexible

2 - Level Heat Resistant System

Machine Wash For Easy And Convenient Cleaning.

Warning : 
1. It is not permanent protection against fire or heat resistant!
2. This product is not suitable for protection against hot liquids or hot gas!
2. Always keep the gloves clean. A buildup or dirt can affect the gloves performance!
4. Replace it if torn or damaged.
Package Included : 

 1 x Glove Pair (2PCS Gloves)