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[Smart Version] Xiaoda Integrated Instant 3000W IPX4 360° Rotation Temperature Display Kitchen Hot Water Faucet Stainless Steel Heating Tube Hydropower from Xiaomi Youpin

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Description :
This Xiaoda stainless steel kitchen sink faucet is from Xiaomi Youpin.
It is made of 304 stainless steel ,lead free, safe and more healthy. Both inside and outside are made of 304 stainless steel for food contact, which does not contain lead and meet the national standard, keeping the water pure and protecting the health of all household water. With advanced pressurized aerater, water-saving and easy to use. The advanced pressurized aerater produces smooth water flow, not splashing and comfortable. 

Specification :

Brand Xiaoda (Xiaomi Cooperation Brand)
Model XH-17D-11H Kitchen Water Heat Faucet
Verison Basic Version / High Verison
Size 49.5cm x 10.5cm x 27.5cm 
Rated Voltage 220V
Rated Power 3000W (Basic) /  3400 (High)
Water Proof Level IPX4
Preset Pressure 0~0.8MPa
Use Pressure 0.04~0.4MPa
Net Weight 0.9Kg / 1.5Kg

Function :

1. Hot cold mixer tap, keeping warm water available.
This kitchen sink faucet can switch cold and hot water as your requirement. When in the freezing winter, warm water is available at every time.

2. Instant heating without storage.
There is no need to store warm water in advance since it can achieve instant heating through 304 stainless steel heating pipe to ensure the pure and healthy water quality, while also providing hot water instantly.

3. Single handle dual control design, flexible switching hot and cold water.
Change the water temperature by water flow. When you require hot water, rotate it clockwise. When cold water is needed, rotate it anticlockwise. The degree of hot and cold can be easily adjusted. The switch is equipped with sound so as to avoid waste caused by continuous water discharge if not closed properly.

4. 360° rotation kitchen sink faucet, multi-directional water intake.
This kitchen hot cold mixer tap is designed to be rotated at 360 degree, more flexible and convenient.

5. 30-50℃ adjustable with temperature display screen.
The temperature can be adjusted from 30-50℃, which can be easily control. The water outlet is equipped with temperature sensor. Used with the temperature display screen, you will get the temperature information easily.

6. Intelligent hydroelectric separation.
With suspension isolation technology, it effectively isolates the inner shell the outer, which completely isolates water and electricity. It ensures that no current flows through the core components from the outside of the faucet.

7. Five Safety Protections.
Five safety protections are set up to avoid potential multiple electric shock hazards at the source, greatly improving the safety of the products, and make you enjoy the benefits of this hot cold mixer faucet.
Package Included :

1 x Xiaoda Electric Hot Water Faucet (Basic Version / High Version)
1 x power Leakage Protection Plug 
1 x Manual