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Portable Universal 8'' Non-stick Flat Frying Pan For Gas / Induction Cooker

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Description :  

Portable Universal 8'' Non-stick Flat Frying Pan For Gas / Induction Cooker 

 - Non-Stick and Easy to Clean 
Non-stick ceramic coating makes the food not stick to the bottom of the pan, reducing the fumes and easy to clean.
- Straight-side Pan Type 
The pot wall is perpendicular to the bottom of the pan, making the bottom of the pot has a larger area.
- Universal Use in Stoves/Furnace  
Good for meeting different usage requirements and is not limited by the type of stove.
- Small and Portable 
Light weightthe comfortable handle make your cooking easier.
- Composite Type Pan Bottom 
Strengthened pan bottom, and the bottom of the pan is inlaid with honeycomb stainless steel gasket for efficient heat conduction.
Specification :

Color: Black

Material: Aluminum-Manganese Alloy + Water-Based Ceramic Coating + Bakelite

Size: 20.5 x 36.5 x 4.3cm

Thickness: 4.3cm

Scope Of Application: Gas Stove; Electric Furnace; Induction Cooker

◆ Rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth before use; Add a small amount of cooking oil would be better.
◆ Use a heat-resistant nylon shovel, plastic or wooden shovel when cooking to avoid sharp shovel or metalware from damaging the non-stick surface coating.
◆ Firepower use: Avoid dry burning. When using a large fire, water and food are required into the pan.
◆ Cleaning: Do not put the pan in the high temperature into the water, and wash it after the temperature drops slightly. In case of stubborn stains, soak in warm water for a few minutes, then use a sponge to clean, do not use a steel ball to wipe vigorously.
◆ Do not beat the pan.
Package Included : 

1 x Frying Pan