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Microwave Oven Heat Resistant Cotton Fabric Glove Heat Proof Resistant 7 Colors

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This amazing mitt and you're prepared to deal with pretty much any kitchen chore.
Waterproof, and incredibly heat-resistant, this mitt will protect your hand from boiling water, fat and oil up to 160 degree, as well as direct flame, grills, charcoal.
It even works when wet.
1.Type: Oven Mitt
2.Material: Cotton + thickening of cotton fabric
3.Max Useing Temperature: 160 degree
4.Heat Proof Resistant
5.Size: 18cm x 28cm/7.09" x 11.02" (Approx.)
6.Color:  Type 1:Coffee Beige Grid
               Type 2:Coffee Dots
               Type 3 :Grey Dots
               Type 4 :Pink Flower
 Type 5 :Blue Dots
Type 6: Grid Flowerpot
               Type 7: Grid Flower
Package Included:
1 x Oven Mitt