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"Chuck" grater


Won 2019 China design intelligence Award

Multifunctional grater • The appearance is round and comfortable. • The combined structure of the sandwich. • Combine the functions of grater, drain basket and basin to make it more convenient to use.

Wash vegetables, drain and shreds, scoop water.

A variety of functions are integrated, practical and convenient.

Safe hand protection, do not waste food.

Surrounded hand protector, to avoid palm injury, nail the food on the steel nail, and then cut, to avoid waste of food.

Usage method

1. Place the hand protector in the direction shown in the figure and put the food to be processed. 2. Press the handle down with both hands. 3. As shown in the figure, hold the upper end of the hand protector and cut the vegetables.

Blade storage design, not easy to lose.

• The back of the upper cover is provided with a storage device with multiple cutter heads, which can store blades. • Point the back of the blade upward and align it with the edge of the upper cover. • With downward force, the blade can be stuck. * Note: when replacing the blade, do not remove it from the front; it can be removed by gently pushing the blade from the back.

Product details

• Round handle Comfortable grip • Stainless steel blade Durable • Flower shaped drain hole The pore shape is fine and dense, and the drainage is convenient • Frosted surface Anti slip and texture.


Name: "Chuck" grater Weight: 343g Size: 18*14*8.5cm Handle length: 10.5cm Main material: PP Blade material: ABS + stainless steel Hand guard material: PP+ stainless steel