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KCASA Pump Replacement Pipe Silicone Hand Pump Pure Water Pipe Tasteless Transparent High Temperature Drain Pipe

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Description :

KCASA Pump Replacement Pipe Silicone Pump Pure Water Pipe Tasteless Transparent High Temperature 

- Resistance to high and low temperature characteristics: long-term use at 200 °C, still elastic at -60 °C;
- Electrical insulating properties: Silicone has excellent dielectric properties, especially dielectric properties at high temperatures are much higher than that of normal silicones, and the dielectric strength is virtually unaffected by temperature in the range of 20-200°C.
-Excellent resistance to weather, ozone and UV radiation. Long-term use will not crack.
- Excellent high temperature compression deformation.
-Good processing performance, easy molding, etc. Various products can be produced by extrusion hot air vulcanization molding, mold addition molding, and extension molding
Specification :

Material  Silicone
Color  White
Weight  50g
Size  0.5m / 1m / 2m

Package Includes :

1 x
 KCASA Pump Replacement Pipe