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HUOHOU Universal Cutter Holder Countertop Stand Block Organizer Kitchen Storage Container

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Description :

XIAOMI HUOHOU Universal K-nife Holder Countertop K-nife Stand Block Organizer Kitchen K-nife Storage

- Utility Model Patent Stabilized Tool To Prevent Falling

Innovative fixed notch technology, and applied for a patent for utility model. A double elastic arm with a relative position in the sipe is used to clamp and fix the inserted blade, and even a small-sized tool can be inserted into the wide mouth to maintain the stability of the tool, greatly improving the convenience, adaptability and stability of the holder. 

- Food Grade Pp Material Heat-Resistant And Safe To Use
The top cover is made of food grade PP (polypropylene) material, which has excellent impact resistance. It is not easy to be crushed by heavy pressure or impact and it has high heat resistance and can be disinfected in boiling water. The moisture permeability is low and the surface of the k-nife can be kept clean for a longer time to make contact safer and more secure.

- ABS High Quality Resin Mirror Is Bright And Not Deformed
This tool holder is made of ABS resin material with high strength and toughness. The surface of the tool holder is designed to be mirror-like, which is more beautiful and bright. ABS has excellent mechanical properties, strong impact resistance and wear resistance, making the barrel not easy to deform and not easily scratched.

- Universal Slot Design

The wide and narrow notch design is different from the uniform slot arrangement. HUOHOU sets different width and narrow notches according to the thickness of the tool. It not only maximizes the space, but also fits wide and narrow, and can also adapt to more different types of tools. The side is also equipped with scissors and sharpening rod hole design. After repeated tests, it can accommodate at least 8 kinds of cutting tools, such as chopping k-nife, Zide k-nife, fruit k-nife and burdock.
- Removable Washing To Eliminate Bacteria And Safe To Use
Remove the top cover and clean separately. The top cover uses food grade PP material and can be put in high temperature disinfection in the dishwasher to eliminate residual bacteria from the tool. The ABS bottom groove is mirror-polished and easy to clean, and it lasts for a long time.
Specification :

Brand HUOHOU ( XIAOMI Cooperation Brand ) 
Material  PP (Polypropylene)
Color  White
Weight  445g
Size  126 X 126 X 225mm

Package Includes :

1 x Universal K-nife Holder