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China Kung Fu Tea Set Drinkware Ceremony Ceramic Tea Pot Cup Infuser Tea Tray

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China Kung Fu Tea Set Drinkware Ceremony Ceramic Tea Pot Cup Infuser Tea Tray

Color: Grey
Material: Ceramic + Wood
Teapot 195ml
Covered-Bowl Tea 100ml
Tea Pitcher 125ml
Teacup 25ml
Snifter Cup 25ml
Tea Tray Size: (L) x (W) x (H) 43 x 28 x 6 cm / 16.93 x 11.02 x 2.36 inch (appr.)

• Tea towel, used to wipe the spilled water.
• Covered-bowl tea consists of lid, bowl, and tray.
• Snifter cup, used to appreciate the tea's aroma.
• Tea pitcher, used to ensure the consistency of the flavor of the tea.
• Complete tea set for you to enjoy kung fu tea ceremony, also as great choice for gift.

Kindly Reminder:
• Hard water needs to be filtered.
• Natural mountain spring water is best for tea.
• The water that has been boiling for a long time is not good.
• If natural spring water is not available, bottled spring water will suffice.

Perpare tea ware
From still to ready position
Prepare water
Warm pot
Prepare tea
Recognize tea
Appreciate tea
Warm pitcher
Put in tea
Smell fragrance
First infusion
Set timer
Warm cups
Pour tea
Prepare cups
Divide tea
Serve tea by cups
Second infusion
Serve tea by pitcher
Supply snacks or water
Take out brewed leaves
Appreciate leaves
Rinse pot
Return to seat
Rinse pitcher
Collect cups

Package Included:
1 x Tea Tray
1 x Teapot
1 x Covered-Bowl Tea
1 x Tea Pitcher
10 x Teacup
4 x Snifter Cup
1 x Tea Strainer
2 x Urine Baby Ornamant
1 x Golden Toad Ornamant
1 x Tea Caddy
1 x Brush
1 x Tea Towel
1 x Cup Fork
1 x Tea Clips
1 x Tea Basin (for washing cups)