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C94969 Intelligent Timing Automatic Feeder Automatic Fish Tank Timer Feeding Dispenser Fish Feeder

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Description :

C94969 Intelligent Timing Automatic Feeder Automatic Fish Tank Timer Feeding Dispenser Fish Feeder

- This product is suitable for granules and flakes. The amount of feed can be adjusted according to actual needs.
- Each feeding machine is equipped with a 50g/100g feed tank every 12 hours / 24 hours to meet various needs.
- The machine can be placed in standing or fixed at the edge of the aquarium for easy operation.
- This product is an ideal helper for aquarium lovers during their holiday or busy hours.
- Suitable for a variety of fish and turtles: such as arowana, brocade carp, goldfish, Red Parrot fish, rohan fish,stingray, colorful fish, sea fish, tropical fish, catfish, turtle, etc.
- Timed quantitative feeding,12H/24H feeding time can be set freely.
- Simple operation and installation, manual.

- Installation Method:
1. Fixing clip installation Install the restrictor clip into the main body of the feeder, place it on the edge of the fish tank, and tighten the clip.
2. Move the fixing clip to the main body of the feeder, tear off the protective film, and attach it to the top of the battery cover. The other side is attached to the fish tank lacing or the paste position on the fish tank cover does not affect the feeding.

Specification :

Model C94969
Material  ABS
Color  Black&Blue
Weight  227g
Size  12 x 8 x 11.5cm
Power Supply 2 x AA Batteries(Not Included)

Package Includes :

1 x Automatic Feeder
2 x Feeding Box(50g/100g)