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Ariete Candy Maker-450 W

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Ariete Candy Maker

Model: 2971/10

Type: Candy Machine
Weight: 1.68 Kg
Color: Red
Material: Plastic
Energy Consumption: 450 Watt





Wipe down the bowl (A) with a non-abrasive cloth or sponge before using. - To attach the extractor head (B), insert it into the central stem on the appliance body (C) making sure the grooves are properly aligned with the stem pegs. - To attach the bowl (A), push it carefully and turn it counter clockwise until it locks into place. - Before using, place the appliance on a stable surface by a power socket. Make sure the cord is away from any water source. - Make sure the appliance is off with the switch (D) on “OFF” position and plug the power cord into a power socket. -

Switch the appliance on by turning the switch (D) to “ON” and let the extractor head heat (B). Let the appliance run at least 2 minutes before adding hard candies and 5 minutes in case of sugar. - Turn the appliance off by rotating the switch (D) to “OFF” and put no more than two hard candies or one scoop of sugar (1 tsp.) into the extractor head (B). If using candies, make sure they are evenly placed on either side of the extractor head.


  1. Always use the measuring spoon included with the appliance to insert foods into the extractor head.
  2. Never insert foods directly with hands: risk of scalding.

Note: it is recommended to use small candies or to cut candies in small pieces beforehand. -

Function: Switch the appliance on by turning the switch (D) to “ON”. - When the cotton candy web begin, collect it quickly by holding the cone vertically. Rotate the cone (F) with your fingers while you circle the bowl (A). - Once you have collected the cotton candy with the cone (F), hold the cone in a horizontal position over the extractor head (B) while still rotating it with your fingers, making sure all sugar has been collected. - Repeat the above steps by adding another measure of candies or sugar into the extractor head (B).

WARNING: DO NOT overfill the extractor head (B) by adding more than two candies or 1 tsp. of sugar at a time. This will cause clogging and unit will not work properly. HELPFUL TIPS If your cotton candy is not flossing properly or is coming out with a brittle, “hay-like” texture, follow these instructions: - Insert only 1-2 candies at a time. - Make sure candies are evenly placed on either sides of the extractor head (B). - For best results, cut candies in small pieces before using. - This appliance works with any kind of candy, except the following types: filled candies with hard sugar shells gummy or chewy candies sugar-pressed candies caramel candies

CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE WARNING Carry out disassembling and cleaning of the appliance only after it is completely cooled. - After cooling, remove the extractor head (B) by firmly holding both sides and pulling upwards. - Unlock the bowl (A) by rotating it clockwise and lifting it. - Wash the items with warm water, then rinse and dry thoroughly. - Use a non-abrasive, slightly damp sponge or cloth to clean the inside and outside part of the appliance, then wipe with a non-abrasive towel.