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32cm Handmade Iron Non Stick Frying Pan Frypan Pot Kitchen Wok Skillet Cookware

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Description :  

32cm Handmade Iron Non Stick Frying Pan Frypan Pot Kitchen Wok Skillet Cookware

● For Gas stoves, Induction cooker, Infrared oven, Electric furnace, Ceramic stove use. NOT for microwave oven.
● Made of wrought iron material and wooden handle, good thermal conductance, heats the food evenly. Uncoated, durable, long lasting cookware.
● Wooden long handle for anti-scald grip when cooking.
● Pour spouts ensures easier pouring.
● Hanging hole on the handle is created for easy storage.

Specification :

Material: Iron, Wood
Color: Multi-Colors
Pattern: With Glass Lid, With Wooden Lid
Overall Size: (L)X(Dia.)X(H) 53x32x9.5cm /20.87"x12.60"x3.74"(appr.)

Before use:
Before using the pot for the first time, you can first warm it with white vinegar and clean it once, then wash it with water, and then dry it inside and outside.

In use:
Cooking with medium and small fire: medium and small fire means that the flame does not exceed the chassis of the pot. The advantage of cooking with medium and small fire is to save energy. The pot is not easy to turn yellow and black (because the natural gas in the pot and the gas mostly contain impurities, the bottom of the pot will turn yellow and black). Before cooking, you need to wipe the water or oil inside and outside the pot to avoid the appearance of the pot turning black and yellow. Please don't burn in an empty pot for a long time, and try to avoid placing food with strong acid and alkali for a long time.

After use:
After using the pot, use the residual temperature of the pot to clean the pot. Add clean water and a little detergent (stainless steel detergent is the best). Use sponge or cleaning cloth to clean the inside and outside of the pot. After cleaning, dry the pot bottom with dry cloth. Avoid washing the high temperature pot directly with cold water to avoid large amount of water pollution, which makes the pot difficult to clean and is facing stubborn pollution. Heat the pot or water several times If there is white stain on the inner wall of the pot or the surface is yellow after cleaning for minutes, the removal method is very simple. Just wipe it with a little white vinegar or lemon slices. After using the pot, wipe it dry with a cloth after cleaning. Otherwise, the cleaning agent left in the pot will corrode the surface of the pot when it is wet.

Package Included : 

1 x Frying Pan
1 x Lid
(Excluding other decorations)