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220V 1300W 6L Multifunctional Electric Hot Pot Mandarin Duck Pot Electric Yuanyang Pot Cooker

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Description :

220V 1300W 6L Electric Multifunctional Hot Pot Mandarin Duck Pot Electric Yuanyang Pot Cooker

- It is easy to observe (except the metal cover) by strengthening the fragile glass cover.
- High temperature resistant handle.
- High quality alloy pot body, with special surface treatment, good for health, easy to clean.
- The heat pipe has excellent material, reliable insulation and long life.
- The temperature control device can be adjusted.
- The heating body is closely combined with the pot body to ensure that the heat energy is absorbed by
  the food to the maximum and energy saving.
- Leading manufacturing process, sealing technology is safe and reliable.
- Electric leakage protection design, safe.

Specification :

Material  Cast Iron, Plastic, Glass(Lid)
Color  Red
Capacity 6L
Voltage 220V
Power 1300W

How to Use :
1. Remove all the packing materials, wipe the pot body with a sponge or a dishcloth, and wipe off the electric cooker before using,
especially the plug parts should be thoroughly dried to prevent leakage.
2. Adjust the thermostat to "OFF" first, and then connect to the power supply after connecting with the pan;
3, rotating knob, heating indicator said, in the process of cooking, spin to the required temperature, power supply for the pot food temperature and users set a reasonable temperature and automatically open or shut off, when use will lit or lights go out. This function can not only realize the function of cooking food, but also achieve the purpose of saving electricity.
In particular, the first time of use, the cleaning solvent will be used for the first time, so the first time will have the smell of glue, which will be eliminated after 1 minute.
4. Turn the knob to "OFF" and remove the power and thermostat. Note: at this time, the temperature is very hot, do not contact, place it in a safe place to prevent scalding children or others; Let it cool automatically.

Introduction to Thermostat :
The electric hot pot adopts the temperature control method, according to the cooking things different, the choice temperature point is also different. Please adjust the thermostat to achieve the perfect cooking effect. Thermostat panel has a 5-speed text instructions, each gear is as follows: the temperature of heat preservation - about 10 ℃ to 50 ℃ + slow fire - about 80 ℃ + 10 ℃ for medium - to about 140 ℃ + 10 ℃ fire - about 170 ℃ plus or minus 10 ℃ high flame - about 200 ℃ plus or minus 10 ℃

Cleaning and Maintenance :
1. After each use, please wash clean to avoid oil accumulation.
2. After use, please rotate the temperature to "OFF" to remove the power, and the thermostat shall be placed in a safe place to prevent scalding.
3. Let the pan cool naturally and wipe dry after cleani

Package Includes :

1 x Electric Hot Pot  (With Heating Base)
1 x Cable
1 x Lid