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YIWUYISHI Lightweight Stir Fry Pot Kitchen Frying Pan Cooking Tool Cookware

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Description :

XIAOMI YIWUYISHI Lightweight Stir Fry Pot Kitchen Frying Pan Cooking Tool Cookware 

- High-purity Iron Forging 
It is made of Japanese standard SPCC high-purity fine iron for 2000°C high-temperature extraction. It is more durable and does not add any chemical coating. It is easier to release iron. 

- High Auality Iron Pot
Raw materials are extracted and mined, and the original iron ore undergoes extraction of pig iron to reproduce mature iron, which reduces carbon content, improves the purity of iron, and ensures the quality of the pot. 

- Stretch Forging Process 
Lightweight wok, the body is precisely stretched, thick and thick, and it is light and durable. The bottom of the pot and the thickness of the pot are 1.5mm, the heat is evenly distributed, and the 360° cycle is heated to quickly activate the activity of the body.

- Gas Nitrogen Process, Not Easy To Rust 
Using a gas-nitrogen process, a protective film that is not easily rusted is formed on the surface of the pot, making the pot more durable. 

- Visualized Tempered Glass Cover 
Under the tempered glass cover, you can always see the cooking of the food. 

Specification :

Brand YIWUYISHI( XIAOMI Cooperation Brand ) 
Pot Material  SPCC Carbon Steel
Handle Material Oak
Color  Black
Weight  1500g
Inner Diameter 52 x 31 x19 cm
Outer Diameter  30 x 8.5 cm

Package Includes :

1 x Frying Pot